Urvin is the only finance-focused social platform with professional quality data and tools, enabling collaborative research, globally.

Our Mission

Urvin will truly democratize access to financial data and tools, and provide a unique platform for enabling communities to organize, analyze and publish compelling research and analysis. Urvin will, at all times, seek to serve the underserved, focusing on retail investors around the world, and always putting their interests first. Urvin will also provide comprehensive educational resources, with access to experts, unique content, and always in the most open and accessible way possible.

Our Values

Urvin.Finance at all times, and in everything we do, will uphold and embody these critical values:

  1. Long-Term Sustainability
  2. Alignment of Incentives
  3. Transparency, Honesty and Integrity
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  5. Financial Literacy and Education

Long-Term Sustainability

We will not be distracted by short-termism or short-term thinking. Every decision we make will be guided by our long-term vision of a platform that will truly democratize access to financial data and tools, and provide unparalleled access to educational resources and experts.

We will always make the hard choices when those are the right choices.

Alignment of Incentives

Complex systems cannot be controlled by rigid, top-down organization or principles, regardless of the intent. Instead, as an organization grows and develops, it must always have its incentives aligned with its mission and the users that it seeks to serve, ensuring that growth and development is driven at every level by decision-making that is mission-driven and aligned with the corporate vision. Urvin's business model must keep to this principle - that all incentives for revenue and growth align with our values and vision for a platform that serves its users need for better data, analysis, research and education first and foremost. Our users must always be our customers, and must never simply become one of many sources of revenue. As long as we must thrill our users, our incentives will always be aligned with them.

Transparency, Honesty and Integrity

As a company, we will practice radical transparency by building in the open. We will provide consistent, regular, public updates regarding our progress building our platform, our success or failures, and metrics that demonstrate how quickly or slowly we are growing. We will be open and honest with our users, the public and each other, even if that honesty is painful or difficult to hear. We will always conduct ourselves and conduct business with integrity - we must live and embody our principles if they are to mean anything.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Urvin.Finance is committed to building a diverse organization that welcomes anyone who believes in our values and wants to contribute. We recognize that disadvantaged people may not have had the same opportunities in education and work experience, and still encourage them to reach out and join us. We will never judge our users or employees on the basis of race, religion (creed), age, national origin, disability, sexual identity or orientation.

Financial Literacy and Education

We are a mission-driven company, and at all times will ensure that our actions and plans adhere to that mission. Part of that mission is to ensure that people are empowered to make better financial decisions, and we fulfill that mission by providing free educational resources across a diverse range of topics. We will always ensure that our educational resources are freely available and accessible to all.

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